Hold Tight! Wrist Clip

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The Hold Tight! Wrist Clip is designed to give you an added measure of security when walking your dog.  Secured on your wrist with a sturdy, hard plastic, side-release buckle, (think of it as a "wrist collar"!), it has a D ring with a carabiner attached.  The carabiner attaches to the loop on your leash. If for any reason you drop or let go of the leash with your hand, the carabiner helps keep it attached to your wrist, helping to prevent your dog from getting away from you.   The Hold Tight! Wrist Clip is NOT designed as a mechanism for "hands-free" walking.  You should always hold your dog's leash securely in your hand, preferably with the leash looped around your wrist in a slip knot. But, should an accident happen and you drop the leash, the Hold Tight! helps keep your dog attached to you until you can get the leash back in your hand.  Available in both 3/4" and 1" widths, the Hold Tight! can be made in any of the same fabrics available for our collars. They are adjustable and designed to fit wrist sizes 5"-9",  and custom sizes are readily available.